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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a general list of the questions most people have asked us or we feel people should ask. If we have not satisfactorily answered your questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line using the contact form below.

Who can go on a BlueBanana bicycle tour?

Almost anyone that can ride a bicycle, young and old, can come on our tours. We have a recommended minimum age of 12 years of age for children however if you believe your child can ride safe and independently, we are more than welcome to accommodate your requests.

What if I want to change or cancel.

We understand that plans can change. Amendments made 48 hrs prior to the booking date are subject to availability and incur no charge. Cancellations 48 hrs or less prior to the booking date, a 100% cancellation fee applies.

Height & Weight Restrictions. 

Our electric bike is a 1 size fits all frame with some restrictions. Minimum ride height of 140 cm. We also recommend riders to be 12 and over. If you for any reason you don’t meet any of the above requirements please contact us immediately. 

How big is the largest group size?

For regular bookings, we accept individuals and groups up to 6 guests. We can accommodate groups up to 10 riders however we request you contact us 48hrs before the tour so we can arrange extra bikes.

What do you need to be able to do to go on a BlueBanana bicycle tour?

You need to be able to ride a bicycle unassisted and be able to follow the instructions of your tour guide. Our bicycles are electric assisted but still require pedalling. Fitness is generally not a requirement and our bikes are rated to 100kg. We will provide you all the accessories you need to have a great day out. Please contact us before a tour if you have any concerns.

How safe are BlueBanana bicycles tours?

Riding bicycles is generally a safe activity if you follow the rules. Our tours take place on bike lanes, shared footpaths and some quiet roads. The tour guides will ensure that the safety of all participants is a priority and we request that you follow their directions at all times. All guests must wear a helmet whilst riding a bike as this is the law. If at any point during a tour you feel unsafe or uncertain, please pull over and let your guide know.

How does weather affect a BlueBananas bicycle tour?

Our bicycles are capable of riding in almost all weather conditions. However as safety is our concern we will only start and continue a tour if it is safe to do so. We provide rain jackets at the start of the tour if we feel like it may rain on tour. If you feel during a tour that you are uncomfortable with the weather conditions, we asked that you notify your tour guide and they will assist you depending on what can be done at that time.

How flexible are BlueBananas bicycle tours?

We pride ourselves on customer service and we will try and do whatever we can to make your stay in Sydney a pleasant one. Please be mindful that your tour may have other guests but we can alter tours depending on what the group is willing to do. If you feel like a private or flexible tour, we recommend contacting us for a custom tour so that you get exactly what you want.

What should be brought along for the tour?

  • We recommend that all participants wear clothing and footwear depending on the weather on the day and suitable for cycling (no thongs or sandals). In addition we recommend everyone wears sunglasses and sunscreen especially over summer.
  • Please also bring a day pack with your camera, snacks and some money if you would like to purchase anything during a tour.

What equipment do you provide on the tour ?

We provide all the equipment needed to safely and comfortably to complete the tour which includes the following:

–   Well maintained Gocycle electric bicycle

–   Australian Standards approved bicycle helmet

–   Bottle of water

Have we answered all your questions?

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“A fun way  to discover Sydney! The bikes are amazing, the guides really friendly  and the tour is great.”

- Juan, Argentina

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