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Aussies are obsessed with the weather.

I found this great article today while doing some reading on the upcoming Cricket World Cup.  An Indian media reporter has made a funny reflection on an Aussie habit during the cricket summer. His observations are just as relevant with us here at BlueBananas and looking out for rain for our bike tours. Writing for […]

BlueBananas & the Fuzz

Yesterday whilst on tour, we got stopped by the Sydney Police. But not for the reason you may have thought. They wanted to take our bike for a ride and they were nice enough to allow us to take a photo with them :p Which we promptly posted on Facebook for a few laughs… This […]

BlueBananas Pro Tip 5

It might sound obvious (not obvious to me at the time) but some pants aren’t designed to be used with riding. Same goes with footwear. I learnt this the hard way. I think my mum was able to sow it back together again :p

Australia is hot!

How Hot Is It Really? Australia is trapped in a heatwave right now. Traditionally temperate Melbourne is headed for a top of 41 degrees C today. Cool and calm Adelaide is heading for 46 degrees, and seaside Sydney is headed for 40 degrees. Someone decided to demonstrate what that really means on the streets, showing […]