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Banana Skin

Like many before us, we had a problem that prevented us from enjoying the simpler things in life. A pair of friends, Michael and Steve, wanted everyone to enjoy the wind blowing in their hair, the rush of adrenaline flying down a hill and the sensation of discovering places less travelled. They only had one […]

Landcare Corporate Volunteer Challenge Event 2014

On Friday the 14th of November, Landcare Australia hosted the Corporate Volunteer Challenge Event in Sydney’s Lane Cove National Park. BlueBananas was on hand with our fleet of Gocycle Electric Bikes to provide volunteers a break from tree planting and education, with a fun and informative ride through the park lead by Michael and Steve […]

Sydney Rides the Night Success!

Sydney Rides the Night was on the last night of the Sydney Rides Festival. The City of Sydney along with its partners (including BlueBananas) organised an awesome event that started with the unknown and ended with thousands of happy riders. The family friendly event was the first time that had done something on this scale […]

Sydney Cycle Ways

Can Sydney get enough cycle paths? We say no :p Cycleways are a vital link for our business (and as a cyclist) so we support Clover Moore’s push for more cycle paths 100%. Obviously we would want it done in a way that doesn’t congest Sydney even further but with city planning the way it […]

BlueBananas & Bicycle Maintenance

To help promote cycling in Sydney, the council is providing free basic maintenance course for anyone interested. The courses take place at the Sydney Park Cycling Centre in St Peters. They also offer some other basic courses such as city riding courses. Check out the Sydney Cycleway website for more information. I decided to attend […]

Get to know us: It’s not all electric.

During the day, we get to run the best electric bicycle tours in Sydney. But before my workday starts, I sometimes get out of bed nice and early to ride a normal pedal bike. There is something about suffering on a pedal bike that makes me come back each time. I can’t pin point it […]