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Monthly Archives: March 2014

BlueBananas & Klink

Support local businesses and they will support you. That’s one of our mottos that I just made up. We are very blessed to have our store in the Gaffa building where we get to meet new people like award winning Klink cafe owner James Humphreys. Having a cafe right outside the store that serves coffee […]

BlueBananas & GoPro

Put your hands up if you love GoPro. We love ours! I was fortunate enough to get permission from the wife to purchase a GoPro (a black edition!) on our honeymoon in Hawaii last year. Having taken the video of sea turtles as one does while they are in Hawaii, I brought GoPro home with […]

BlueBananas & Shirt Bar

The ideas and vision of BlueBananas all started from lunch meet ups. I was working in an accounting firm at King Street Wharf and Michael, running his own business, had the flexibility to come meet me. One of the first, if not the first, cafes we went to regularly was Shirt Bar. Located in Sussex […]